motivation vs discipline

That initial burst of energy you get before drawing or painting is fleeting. Motivation doesn’t work long term because it fluctuates consistently. It requires you to be in that state to be productive. If not, you’ll just procrastinate.

Discipline on the other hand works regardless of how you feel that day. Discipline is developed through habit; making art even when you don’t feel like it.

Breaking things up into smaller steps, being in the moment and indifferent to the end result, consistently, will bring better habits and develop your discipline over time.

A few years ago I started off drawing at least 3 objects laying around the house, everyday without exception, initially to develop my chops. What it was also doing was creating momentum and a habit. Even if I didn’t feel like drawing that day, I still put the effort to draw.
Then it was drawing 3 portraits everyday, and then to anything else I’d need to focus on to improve.




Acrylic painting 9×12



Once you’ve completed an exercise or drawing, don’t judge it on how good or bad it is. Analyze it indifferently, like an instructor would, and learn from it. That’s another topic I will be covering later.
But in the meantime, this mentality will help you continue and foster that discipline in the long run. Regardless of how the work turns out, congratulate yourself on the process of doing rather than the end product.




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