20 day master study challenge

I will be posting a master study of Ilya Repin’s works each day for the next 20 consecutive days. The aim is to not break the chain, otherwise I start over again.

If you’d like to join, the rules are as follows

  • Select an artist you like. It can only be one artist. This will help limit time wasting making a choice everyday and prevent indecisiveness.
  • Select a medium. I’ll be doing pencil/graphite sketches on paper. You can select any other medium including digital. But it can only be in this one medium. Again, this is to prevent you from having to spend effort making a choice.
  • Do a study of an image everyday for 20 days straight. If you break a day for whatever reason, you must start over again.

That’s it. By preemptively selecting these decisions, you’ll give yourself a nice framework to work from, and are less likely to procrastinate because your choices are narrowed down and streamlined. All you have to do for 20 days is to show up.

If you want to hold yourself accountable, post it on your blog and let others know that you’re doing the challenge.

And with that, here is day 1’s sketch.


Day 1: Ilya Repin Pencil Sketch


If you’ve liked what you’ve read, please share, comment, follow and help me spread the message to other artists and creatives


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