oil painting ‘cluttered desktop’ and process

I find that my desktop accumulates and gathers all sorts of objects and trinkets over time and serves as interesting ‘organic’ and chaotic compositions. Out of laziness, theres a clutter that builds up slowly in where the area was organised.

So I’m pretty much allowing time to create where the objects are placed, all I do is select how I want to frame it in terms of size and what I want in the painting.

I start off with a sketch in burnt umber, plotting the objects on my canvas of 11×16 inches. This method is the line and block in method, and its good for when there’s a lot of elements to draw.


Then I squint down at my desktop and try to get a posterized lighting of my values, so I don’t see much of the details and half tones. This gives me a generalized mapping of my value structure and forces me not to work at the details of the halftones.


Then I just add the colour, using the under painting as a guide for my values and tones. The entire process took about 1 hour.


Oil on canvas 11×16 ‘cluttered desktop’

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